Artists Report Back

Project: Artists Report Back

Info: 2014, report, video, contribution to BFAMFAPhD made in collaboration with Susan Jahoda, Blair Murphy, Vicky Virgin, Caroline Woolard, Zipeng Zhu
Barricade to Bed

Project: Barricade to Bed

Info: police barricade, tennis balls, 2x6 scrap wood, plumbing hardware 20” x 74” x 30”
Capitoline Wolves

Project: Capitoline Wolves

Info: Capitoline Wolves (2016), cherry wood, powder coated steel, dyed stoneware, local water, hand mirrored glass, copper bowls, performance 29" x 36" x 72" each, forming a circle that is 15' in diameter
System: Study Center

coming soon

Carried on Both Sides

Project: Carried on Both Sides

Info: sleep app, installation, 2016-present
DIY Ruin

Project: DIY Ruin

Info: turned poplar, 18" x 16" x 16" each, oil paint pickling, felt
System: Study Center

Coming soon.

Landscapes of Profit

Project: Landscapes of Profit

Info: 2014, interactive site, print map, collaboration with Dan Taeyoung, Chris Henrick, John Krauss, Ingrid Burrington
Like Believing In Stars...

Project: Like Believing In Stars...

Info: 2006, bronze, patina, leather 2” x 2” x 1/8” each
New Economic Policy

Project: New Economic Policy

Info: 2015, Disclaimed Fabric, Quotation on wall, Clitoral Art
Of Supply Chains

Project: Of Supply Chains

Info: card game, book published by Punctum Books, dimensions variable, made with Susan Jahoda and Emilio Martinez Poppe as a contribution to BFAMFAPhD
Public Seat

Project: Public Seat

Info: 2003, steel, carriage bolts, paint, stop sign post dimensions variable
Queer Rocker

Project: Queer Rocker

Info: CNC prototype oak plywood, rachet straps, newspapers 48” x 30” x 44”

info coming soon

Recipe House

Project: Recipe House

Info: 2010, locust wood, lumber straps, water drums, tires, screen, assorted hardware dimensions variable
Shaker Residence

Project: Shaker Residence

Info: 2008, birch wood, sheetrock, paint, performance 6’ x 3’ x 12’
Subway Swing

Project: Subway Swing

Info: Subway Swing, 2004, Cordura, nylon, trimmings
Work Dress for Barter Only

Project: Work Dress for Barter Only

Info: The Work Dress, 2007-2013, Cordura, canvas, cotton-denim blend, size Tall / Medium
Media: SVA Video




Info: cultural equity advocacy collective
NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative

System: NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative

Info: democratic finance for affordable space

Critical Writing: CRAINSArt21UpworthyVillage VoiceShareable


System: SolidarityNYC

Info: collective of organizers in NYC
Study Center

System: Study Center

Info: study center for group work
Project: Of Supply Chains

Critical Writing: Art in AmericaArtforumThe New York Times 



Artists Talk @ Boston University, MFA Fine Arts

Tuesday, December 6, 7:30PM

Caroline Woolard wll present her work from 7:30-8:30pm at Boston University: 808 Commonwealth Ave. (Room 303).


Visiting Artist @ UMass Boston

Thursday, February 2, 6:00PM

Caroline Woolard will be a 2017 Visiting Artist in the Studio for Interrelated Media at UMass Boston.


Workshop @ CUE Foundation with New York Studio Residency Program

Wednesday, February 8, 1:00PM

From 1-3pm on Feburary 8th, Caroline Woolard, Susan Jahoda, and Emilio Martinez Poppe will lead a Supply Chain workshop at the CUE Foundation for New York Studio Residency Program students. CUE is located at 137 West 25th Street, Ground Floor, Between 6th and 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10001.


Artists Talk @ New York Studio Residency Program

Wednesday, February 22, 5:00PM

Caroline Woolard presents her work at the New York Studio Residency Program from 5-6pm at 20 Jay St, Brooklyn, NY 11201.


Panel Discussion at New York Academy of Art

Wednesday, March 1, 6:30PM

Caroline Woolard will appear on a panel at the New York Academy of Art as part of their Professional Practice Lecture Series for Sharon Louden’s new book with Mark Tribe, William Powhida, and Deanna Haggag.


Workshop at Community Economies Research Network

Friday, March 10, 12:00PM

Caroline Woolard will take part in a workshop, (Re)Drawing the Economy project at CERN in Bogota, Colombia along with Stephen Healy, Katherine Gibson, and others.


Visiting Artist Talk at Oxbow School

Wednesday, April 12, 12:00PM

Caroline Woolard will give a talk at Oxbow School in Napa, California 


Presentation with Community Economies Research Network

Monday, June 5, 12:00PM

Caroline Woolard will present in Bolsena, Italy with Community Economies Research Network.


Session Leader at Nomad9

Monday, June 26, 12:00PM

Caroline Woolard will be a session leader at Nomad9 at the University of Hartford



(Un)doing (Un)compensation

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(March 2014) by Caroline Woolard

Artists Report Back

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Artists Report Back used data about artists’ demographics, occupations, educational attainment, field of degree, and earnings as recorded by The Census Bureau’s 2012 American Community Survey (ACS) to make statements about the current conditions and contradictions of working artists and arts graduates.

BFAMFAPhD: On the Cultural Value Debate

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(February 2015)

Caroline Woolard Artists Statement

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(January 2015)

Caroline Woolard Portfolio

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(January 2015)

Creative Commonwealth: Urban Community Land Trusts

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 (May 2014)

Dear Viewer

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 from BFAMFAPhD (July 2014) 

I do not have a boss!

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 (Solidarity Economy Poster, 2010)

Of Supply Chains DRAFT

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(Nov 2015)

Proposal for Free/Open/Libre Art

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Script for a NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative

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 (March 2015)

So you want to start a platform cooperative...

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Solidarity Art Worlds

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 (February 2013)

Statement of Solidarity with #UMaineFuture

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(April 2014) by Caroline Woolard

What is a successful project?

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Caroline Woolard a participant in Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Workspace program, located at 28 Liberty Street in Lower Manhattan. 


Caroline Woolard co-creates projects and institutions for the solidarity economy. Her feminist, transdisciplinary method connects discrete objects to aligned contexts of circulation. For example, Woolard builds sculptures for barter only as she also co-creates international barter networks; she fabricates model Shaker housing and she also co-convenes organizers of community land trusts; she co-creates card games for the commons as she also directs a study center for group work. 

Her multi-year, collaborative institutions include (since 2008); (since 2009); (since 2014); NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative (since 2015). Recent commissions include WOUND, Cooper Union, New York, NY (2016); and Capitoline Wolves, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (2016), and Exchange Café, MoMA, New York, NY (2014). 

Group exhibitions include Crossing Brooklyn, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY (2014); and Living as Form, Creative Time, New York, NY (2011). Woolard’s work has been supported by residencies at Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) Workspace, New York, NY (2016);  MoMA, New York, NY (2014); Queens Museum, Queens, NY, (2014); and Watermill, Water Mill, NY (2011) and through fellowships at Eyebeam, Brooklyn, NY (2013); and the MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, NH (2009). 
Recent scholarly writing on her work has been published in Artforum (2016); Art in America (2016); The New York Times (2016); and South Atlantic Quarterly (2015). Recent visiting artist lecture appointments include the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, WI); the University of California at Berkeley (Berkeley, CA); the Malmo Art Academy (Malmo, Sweden); San Diego State University (San Diego, CA); University of Wisconsin at Madison (Madison, WI); and the Royal Danish Academy (Copenhagen, Denmark).
Woolard holds a BFA from Cooper Union (Studio Arts, 2007) and is a recipient of the Rockefeller Cultural Innovation Fund (OurGoods, 2010-2012), the Antipode Scholar-Activist Project Award (Community Economies Collective, 2016), and the Theo Westenberger Estate Fund (2015). Woolard has been named on the WIRED Smart List (2013), ArtNet's Top 20 Female Artists (2015), and in the Top 100 Women for the Commons by the Peer to Peer Foundation. Woolard is a lecturer in MFA Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts (New York, NY) and in the Integrated Design Program at the New School (New York, NY), a project manager at the worker-owned design firm, and a member of the Community Economies Research Network and the board of the Schumacher Center for a New Economics.