Ways of Being
Info: 2015-present, card game, book published by Punctum Books, dimensions variable, made with Susan Jahoda and Emilio Martinez Poppe as a contribution to BFAMFAPhD

Caroline Woolard, Susan Jahoda, and Emilio Martinez Poppe have been developing Ways of Being since 2015 as a contribution to BFAMFAPhD. The card game is done and the printed book will be available to order through Punctum Books in the summer of 2017. Email us if you would like to read a draft: info@bfamfaphd.com 

Ways of Being is an open source text, workbook, and game for undergraduate and graduate classes of art and design that allows a wide range of choices for organizing work, compensating workers, and producing projects to become visible and open to contestation. Ways of Being can be used in classroom, exhibition, and workshop contexts to analyse and reimagine power relationships and support structures in the arts. We offer the vocabulary of supply chains to articulate the politics of production behind any project.

This resource takes a systems-approach to traditional studio art education, placing attention on all aspects of the production of a new project. Rather than enabling a singular focus on the finished project, we look at sourcing materials, organizing labor, representing the project, licensing it, and recycling it. We provide discussion prompts for the whole lifecycle of projects, on topics ranging from artistic process to art contexts and economies, from professional practices to ecological sustainability. Ways of Being reflects on the production process in order to connect production and process to artistic intention. Rather than focusing exclusively on the relationship between a concept and a medium-specific technique, as conceptual artists might, we encourage a shift in focus to the connection between a production practice and a concept.

More info: http://bfamfaphd.com/cards