Carried on Both Sides
Info: sleep app, installation, 2016-present, in collaboration with Helen Lee, Alexander Rosenberg, and Lika Volkova

Date: 2016-present

Carried on Both Sides traces the transmutation of an ancient vessel into a common computer symbol -- the @ [at sign] - and explores its trajectory into the 22nd century. In a sleep app as well as an installation that features a short film and series of glass and kevlar sculptures, Carried on Both Sides links 6th century glass vessels to the ubiquitous contemporary vector graphic used in email and in social media. The project has been created in collaboration with master glassworkers Helen Lee and Alexander Rosenberg, fashion designer Lika Volkova, as well as sleep scientist Nicholas Chua, Director of The Center for Sleep Medicine at Mt. Sinai. Carried on Both Sides will be featured in PBS / Art21's New York Close Up in the spring of 2017.

More info: Carried on Both Sides 

Roles: producer, author, project manager, sculptor

Key CollaboratorsHelen Lee, Lika Volkova, Alexander Rosenberg, Nicholas Chua 

Exhibitions: TBA

Critical Writing: Art21