The Meeting (Proposal)
Info: 2018-present, mycelium, board room office table and chairs, walnut, nylon, poplar, acrylic, hardware, performance, dimensions variable, Photo by Joseph Hu.
System: Study Center

How do workers without bosses (i.e. worker-owners in cooperative businesses) transform workplace conflict? In The Meeting, the U.S. Federation of Worker Co-ops and librarians at the Free Library bring sculptural objects to difficult meetings. A water clock, a blue-foam head, and a glass tooth are employed by the co-op movement.

This project would not be possible without the labors of Esteban Kelly, Jessica Cook-Qurayshi, Zaq Landsberg, Alex Mallis, Cori Spencer, Meerkat Media cooperative, Susan Jahoda, BFAMFAPhD, Firefly Finishes, and Ecovative. Thanks to commissions from Moore College of Art and Design, Brandeis University, Tenthaus Oslo, the New School, Bennington College, and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, objects for facilitation will be coming to a ceiling tile near you soon.