Study Center
Info: 2016-present, study center for group work, organized by Caroline Woolard
Project: Making and Being

Date: 2016-present

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WOUND is a study center for practices of listening, attention, and collaboration. WOUND aims to mend time and attention by providing (1) practice spaces for groups, (2) a study center for sculptural tools, and (3) trainings in practices of listening, attention, and collaboration. In its month-long installment at The Cooper Union, WOUND director Caroline Woolard worked with curator Stamatina Gregory to select tools from artists and collectives whose multi-year practices register in the visual arts. In its online archive, WOUND will present a full spectrum of tools, facilitators, and practices from the performing arts, speculative design, community organizing, geography, and engineering. 

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Public Talks: National Endowment for the Arts 50th Anniversary Keynote, 2016

My Roles: Founding director, exhibition / service designer, sculptor, service performer

Key CollaboratorsStamatina Gregory, the Order of the Third Bird, Project 404, Ultra-red

Exhibition: The Cooper Union, curated by Stamatina Gregory, October - November 2016