Info: cultural equity advocacy collective

Date: 2014-present

BFAMFAPhD is a collective of artists, designers, technologists, organizers, and educators who work in the intersection of art, technology, and political economy. BFAMFAPhD was founded by Caroline Woolard after a series of public meetings in 2013 and 2014.

Concerned about the impact of debt, rent, and precarity on the lives of creative people, BFAMFAPhD asks: What is a work of art in the age of $120,000 art degrees? BFAMFAPhD creates reports, pedagogical tools, and movement syllabi, including Artists Report Back, Census Report, Statementsand… in which nothing can be finally paid off.  BFAMFAPhD’s work has been cited widely by mainstream and art-centric press and has been exhibited at The Museum of Art and Design, Cleveland Art Institute, and The Brooklyn Museum. Select residencies and presentations include Triangle Arts Association, Brooklyn, NY,  workshops at the Brooklyn Museum, Creative Time Summit and international weeklong intensives in Sweden and Denmark.

More info: BFA MFA 

Roles: Founding member, author, project manager

Key CollaboratorsEmilio Martinez Poppe, Agnes Szanyi, Susan Jahoda, Vicky Virgin

Public talks: Cooper Union, Artists Congress (Malmo), Workshop (Copenhagen)