Making and Being
Info: 2015-present, card game, book published by Punctum Books, dimensions variable, made with Susan Jahoda and Emilio Martinez Poppe as a contribution to BFAMFAPhD

Making and Being: a Guide to Embodiment, Collaboration, and Circulation in the Visual Arts is a multi-platform pedagogical project which offers practices of collaboration, contemplation, and social-ecological analysis for visual artists. Making and Being is for arts educators who want to connect art to economy; for students who want to make artworks that reflect the conditions of their own production. Making and Being provides a framework that asks artists to explore both who they are becoming as they make projects and also what their projects are becoming as they take shape and circulate in the world. Making and Being is a book, a series of videos, a deck of cards, and an interactive website with freely downloadable content.


Caroline Woolard and Susan Jahoda have been developing Making and Being since 2015 as a contribution to BFAMFAPhD with support from Fellow Emilio Martinez Poppe from 2016-2018. The card game is done and the printed book will be available to order through Punctum Books in the summer of 2019. Email us if you would like to read a draft: 


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