Info: Caroline Woolard, 2020, wood, fabric, foam, 46 x 96 x 77 inches
System: Art.Coop

Studio / Home, 2014 (reconstructed 2020)

Caroline Woolard focuses on the social structures of artists’ lives under capitalism and offers cooperative alternatives to those structures by building installations and co-creating books, websites, and curricula for group work and resource-sharing. When Woolard accepted a studio at the Queens Museum during the inaugural year of the program in 2013, she said in an interview: "This will be the first time that I am not living in my studio, which should be healthy." 

But with rent increasing and public transportation to and from the studio declining, soon Woolard and her studio-mate and collaborator Lika Volkova  began sleeping in the Queens Museum. Doing so was, and remains, against the studio program’s policy. Nonetheless, in a global city whose real estate market serves the wealthy rather than everyday people, and whose cultural funding and rent-controls continue to decrease, Woolard saw the studio itself as the object of the residency. She constructed a small home on wheels which is recreated here, to scale. As the artist says: “It’s an artist’s home in an artist’s studio for artists who often have to choose between having either a studio or a home. The medium remains the message.”