New Economic Policy
Info: 2015, Disclaimed Fabric, Quotation on wall, Clitoral Art, in collaboration with Lika Volkova and Leigh Claire La Berge

Collaborators: Caroline Woolard, Lika Volkova, Leigh Claire La Berge

This is a performance with factory prototypes from a New Economic Policy (NEP) which imagines a future where intellectuals reclaim deskilled labor to produce commodities. This work is both a performance of the planning process of a NEP factory that seeks to expand production, and a presentation of factory prototypes for distribution. From rubber floor mats cut from clothing patterns to jackets made from disclaimed paintings, from ambiguous sex toys to foam couches, we fashion each product collectively and invite all workers, whether creative or service-oriented, whether productive or affective, to join us in imagining a factory of reclaimed labor.

This work in progress has been shown at the Queens Museum of Art and at The Luminary.