Countermeasures: Level
Info: Caroline Woolard, 2018, blown glass, mineral oil, turned cherry wood, 18 x 8 x 14 inches
System: Study Center

Measures come to us pre-formed and static. This certainty is what allows them to work as measures, of course. But to have a measure then requires that someone is subject to a measure and in being measured, individuals and groups are denied their own forms of signification. Measurement is always a collective process whose very collectivity is overshadowed by the tool which represents it.

These glass objects are countermeasures; they seek to access an immaterial value of the present that originates from no where other than the people holding the object. Made of glass and filled with mineral oil, each object may reach a level state through the process of being shared, held, and manipulated. Viewers are encouraged to remove these objects from the wall and reach a level with others in the space, whether friends or strangers.

This work is made possible by a residency at Pilchuck with gaffers Jason Christian and Daryl Smith, assistants Phoebe Stubbs and Emily McBride, and coldworker Celeste Wilson.