Z Barricade to Bed
Info: 2013, police barricade, tennis balls, mattress, 2x6 scrap wood, plumbing hardware 20” x 74” x 30”
System: SolidarityNYC


This open access toolkit attaches simply to police barricades, turning barricades into beds. Caroline Woolard, installation view of Barricade to Bed (for Exchange Cafe), 2013, police barricade, plumbing straps, hardware, 2x6 douglas fir cut off, maple wood dowel, tennis balls, foam, fabric, open access kit, prison abolitionist 'zines,16 x 43 x 96 inches. Courtesy of the artist and MoMA: Artists Experiment. Photo by Ryan Tempro.

Video of this work in progress: https://vimeo.com/112338761

Shown at the Hunterdon Museum, Eyebeam, and MoMA.